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Hey LeAnn they also make a product just for color run too. Cant think of the name right now, I know they used to carry it at JoAnns but that has been awhile.  If the other solution hasn't worked let me know and I will try to find the name...good luck!

I went and looked and it is called color run remover from carbona.  :P

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OK, an update on my problem.  I tried the Synthrapol overnight, no difference.  I bought the Carbona color run remover and since I only had one box I had to do it in a bucket instead of washing machine (it takes more than one box).  It got the pink out of my jeans but then evenly distributed the blue dye.  My jeans are now a country blue, not exactly what I wanted but at least I can wear them.  I let them soak until I could see no more pink.  I maybe should have done it a shorter time, no directions on time given on the package, but it is done.  

Thanks for all your help!

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