Fixing cotton eyelashes after the fact

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So, I managed to quilt about 85% of a Full size quilt with good tension using King Tut on top and bottom, which from what I have now read is nearly impossible on an APQS machine. But after experiencing two top thread breaks I decided to loosen the top thread tension, but like a fool didn't check the back. After removing the quilt and even trimming the edges I noticed the area of eyelashing.

So the quilt is off the frame and trimmed... Do I rip, reframe and requilt? Or can a little laundry shrinkage suck that cotton King Tut in enough to look passable? Has anyone ever had luck with either of these ideas?

This is a charity quilt, but it would be nice if it were sturdy and well-made. I would appreciate any help or suggestions.



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I think replacing it on the frame and stitching would be right.

I too can run King Tut on my Lenni, with a bit of adjustment


Welcome to the forum.,.  tell us a bit about  you?


I think somewhat like you do, "if it isn't done good, then it's not good enough to donate".

Those folks don't have much so why give them the less-than-the-best?

I do9n't want to insult them with less than my best.

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Welcome.  Sorry you are having problems.  I can't be much help on this one I use bottom line or FilTech magna bobbins with King Tut.  However, I agree with Rita and most of the quilters here treat charity quilts just like their show quilts.  Please don't take this wrong, we're not judging you, just our opinions.  I'm sure other quilters will chime in with their opinions on King Tut thread and how to tame it.

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