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I am learning to use a ruler on the green border of my hexagon quilt first one I've quilted with my George. I stitched each line to the border and stopped needle down, moved my ruler and stitched to the next border. When I started the line sometime it appeared in could see the bobbin thread loop up. Sometime it stayed with the top thread until I stopped to cut the threads. I think my tension we okay because my stitches were good on top and bottom. Just wondering if I may have started too seemed if I started faster it didn't happen as often anyone had this happen? I'm new to quilting and had my George since labor day.


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Hmmm I don't have a George my Millie is on a frame and I know that creates some differences, but could you need a thread net possibly?  Or could there be lint or a bur catching the thread?  Patsy Thompson is my go to person for the APQS George, she does amazing ruler work on hers!  (She does amazing work period!)  :)

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Zooming in on your photo, I do not see any bottom thread peaking through as you said.  I believe there is a Jamie Wallen video where he discusses tension explaining how on a longarm machine with a frame the thread twist will actually settle deeper into the once the quilt is removed from the frame.


I have an old model George with the unchangeable flip flop foot.  I still use rulers, but I cannot use them on the back side where the hopping foot arm attaches to the foot.  That being said, I have found when I start to use the ruler, I have to be careful not to move the fabric too far to only tweak it back to the proper position as it messes up my tension.  Once I get into the flow, I get better at it.  It is sort of the same when you are trying to quilt a small drawn out design, and you stitch real slow.  I would guess that is possibly why you do not see the thread pop up when you stitch faster.  Did you notice it less when you got to the end of the ruler quilting?  In the end, though I think your stitches look fine.  Keep up the great work.



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