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Missing quilts

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I hope you quilts turn up.  It will be a tragic loss for all the artists if they end up the trash.  Unfortunately, someone who does not respect the fabric just may put them there.  Hopefully someone with a little knowledge will find them, and return the to their rightful owners.  


If Mancuso does not make all the artists whole, you need to get the word out.  Quilters support quilters.  I could easily just not attend Mancuso shows in the future.  A boycott if you want to call it that.   If quilting artist stopped putting quilts in Mancuso shows, which brings quilters out to pay to look, and more importantly to shop, it will hit Mancuso directly in the pocket book.  The spot that Mancuso has the most concern.  They are a business thats makes money showing quilts.   How can Mancuso be so inept to not better track artist's quilts, when they have shows across the entire country?  


I hope and pray that time will bring your quilts home.  Please keep us informed as things develop.  



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I am glad to hear that things all worked out.  Those that had to suffer through 3 weeks of not know where their quilts were need to get a few free passes to Mancuso quilt shows or something.  I am sure the artists suffered a little unnecessary stress.  In the end though, everyone's prayers were answered, and they were found.



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