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bobbin winding with thread problem

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i have a Millenium. ... i have noticed just recently that my bobbins have lines of black inside where the thread winds. i tried to clean it off with alcohol and some comes off, but not all. it seems to look like the black stuff that comes off the rails when you clean them. now when i wind my thread, the black is coming off on my thread and ruining it.

is there something to clean these with? do i need new bobbins? is this normal?

i have had my machine just a year this month. these are the original bobbins. do they need to be replaced every so often?

anyone had this problem? what do i do?

thanks in advance for any assistance provided

shirley bruner

cherryville, mo

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Let me make sure that I understand you correctly. Does the bobbin have black stuff on it BEFORE you put it in the machine??

I am using the same bobbins I got 2 years ago. I have not seen any black lines. I wonder if you have something, like oil, in the path somewhere. Maybe in between the tension disks on your bobbin winder.

Linda Card

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Linden, you are thinking of Kim or Kimmy Bruner.

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I'm having a problem with bobbin winding on my Millie. the bobbin just spins around and I cannot get it to load thread. Yes I'm securing the end of the thread and it winds about 1/4 of the way, but the actual bobbin is spinning and won't grab the spindle.


Can you quilt it out?

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Hi Cynthia---

If the bobbin spins you can---

Try another bobbin as the one you have may have too large a hole.

Place something on the spindle to enlarge it for the bobbin to grip---either the RC gas line tubing that came with your machine, or a rubber band wrapped around the spindle several times, or--my favorite--a few wraps of blue painter's tape. It is non-sticky when removed and stays on for a long time.

The reason the thread will wind OK only part way is that, as the thread loads, the motor pulls harder--that is, the spindle will rotate once at a certain speed. With thread building up on the bobbin, the amount of thread at the early rotation may be less than one inch per spin. As the bobbin begins to fill, one rotation may load 1 1/2" of thread per rotation and that strains the motor a little and causes the thread to wind a little tighter--thus the extra tug will cause the bobbin to lose it's grip and spin. Clear as mud?

Hope this helps--secure that bobbin and you should be ready for anything!!!

Linda Rech

Linda Rech

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I have dozens of bobbins and some of them will spin like that so rather than enlarge the spindle and interfere with my good bobbins, I pinch off the tiniest piece of batting and lay across the hole in the side you slide on. That keeps the bobbins from spinning and doesn't interfere with the ones who behave. I dump my 'dirty' bobbins in a basin of hot soapy water and use a small brush on them. I just figure its' oxidation like on the rails.



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