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Help needed on quilting ideas, please

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Any ideas on the quilting will be much appreciated!!!

My customer wants custom on this quilt. Background fills around the Celtic appliqué. I'm thinking of ghost quilting the Celtic design in each of the plain white blocks. I am looking for ideas of what to do with the colored shapes and borders. The borders are not shown in the pictures, but they are plain borders, 10 inches wide on the sides and 8 inches on top and bottom.

I' m hoping some of you will post some suggestions for me!! TIA

Linda Rhoades

2012 Blissed Lenni

Wrightwood, CA

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Even just echoing the Celtic appliqué would be effective.  Love the idea of the ghost quilting in the plain white blocks.  Why don't you take the shape of the appliqué going around the edge and put it in the coloured shapes, with the centre block put an orange peel from the centre.  I think cross hatching or piano key border would set off the quilt.


It is very pretty - I look forward to seeing what you do!


Joanne Flamand

APQS Canada - Sales and Education

(780) 913-3982

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Linda I'm wondering if you can start a circular type of quilting design in those pieced blocks.  It looks to me like it would start in the middle swirl down to the first block on the bottom then around in a counter clockwise motion.  It would definitely create movement.  You just have to decide if it will be geometric with straight line work or swirly.  This is where you get your customer involved.  One of my questions is always do you like swirly lines or straight geometric shapes.  Once you know that then you can create a design that will be pleasing.  

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