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quickie - cord for hydraulic lift

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My hydraulic lift keeps shutting off .  It could be because I am raising and lowering feverishly trying to get my darn table to level, or it could be that I attached the wrong power cord to the motor.   


There is a 10A 125v cord  and a 13A 125v cord.  one is for the motor advance and one for the lift.    Can anyone check for me?

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Andrea:  Does your pump motor get hot?  I would think that the pump would draw more current than the advance.  However, I would think that 10A (1000w) would be plenty to drive the pump.


I don't have an hydraulic lift system (mine is electric motor) so I don't know about the amount of fluid it might take, but are you sure you're not low on fluid?  Maybe that's why you're have trouble setting the table the way you want it, and the reason the system cycles off.  Worth a look.  Jim

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I have the suspa lift -   I found the manual online and info that was realy helpful  



The lift system is designed to operate intermittently and is rated for a 10% duty cycle.   This means that if the lift system is activated for 1 minute, it must be at rest for at least 9 minutes before the next operation.  It is also important to note that the max system on-time is 1 minute.     (to prevent overheating)


So this must be why it was shutting off.  Normally I don't do the up down all the time, but trying to level the table, I have been using that lift quite a bit as I adjust and readjust the feet of the table.  


The manual does not tell me the Amps/Voltage of the power cord however.   Will give them a call in the morning.  


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Sorry, I hadn't read down to see your first post.  What if you bring your table up a bit with the hydraulic lift, then lower the table feet to level the table? (If the table is level with the hydraulics?  If you have carpet, will a small square of plywood under each foot help?


Not sure what else to offer.  I can check with Dylan later at the studio.


We usually level the table first to the lowest level the legs will give us, and then loosen the large black bolts directly under the leg portion, insert the hydraulic lift 'claw' and then tighten up the large black bolt.  (But you have already done that.)


Hope you are enjoying your new home!



Joanne Flamand 

APQS Canada-Western Sales Support and Education

(780) 913-3982

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