Backing with rubbery stars and dots

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Hi all, has anyone quilted fabric with rubbery embellishments on the back, slippery fabric also. I was concerned about tension but as I am rolling it onto frame some of the gold pieces are falling off. I am now concerned about these pieces getting into my bobbin-hook area and if it will reek havic! Fabric from JoAnns and of course they told her it would be fine to quilt. Appreciate your input. Thanks, K


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My experience is the needle has a hard time penetrating those; it will cause timing issues and thus tension issues & skipped stitches. I have only seen them on a quilt top; not the backing. I would worry too, about the needle trying to pop them off. I would ask her to provide a new backing. Good Luck!

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Ok kids, here it is. It's been a while since I quilted one of these, but I could never say no to someone.I had a gal bring me a bunch of theses quilts years ago when they first started making this fabric. I never had any trouble at all. Both my machines went through it without any concerns. Piece of cake. The nice thing about this is that you could lay it out on tile or hardwood floor and it would make this real cool tapping noise. Zeke.

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