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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here. I will be busy cooking and babysitting grandchildren tomorrow, more cooking Thursday morning and then after the dishes and kitchen straightened up a chance to sit and visit with family until they need to leave to head home out of state. Friday the Christmas tree goes up and Saturday I want to go to a quilt shop having a sale to get some quilt backings. I better get to bed. I'm tired just reading that! Anyone traveling, be safe and everyone thanks you for being such caring and sharing blessings in my life. Sally

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I want to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  May all of you be safe and have the opportunity to celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  That is to say to get together with family, friends, and even strangers, to celebrate another year of life, and to say thank you for everything we have.


I am especially thankful for the owners and dedicated employees of APQS that produce our outstanding machines,

I am thankful for all of you who share your masterpieces and your knowledge with us so we too can produce our own masterpiece,

I am thankful for all the members of the military past and present that keep our country free,

I am thankful for out allies that work with us to protect both theirs and our freedoms,

I am thankful for my family and our good health,

I am thankful for all the groups and organizations that serve those in need,

I am thankful for having so much, and not always realizing or remembering it.

May God Bless all of you, and may all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Be safe, and have balanced threads


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