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Previously Quilted Quilt

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I read somewhere that it is possible to longarm a quilt that has been previously Quilted but can't find that info now. I have a quilt that I had stitched in the ditch on my domestic sewing machine (before I considered getting longarm) and I would like to do an all over design on it. Can anyone point me to an article or give me some suggestions? Can it even be done or did I dream up this article?

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I did this for a customer and it turned out very well. I pinned fabric to the ends so I could load it. The quilt was big but a simple pattern of 4" squares with 2" borders around each square. My customer did SID around each block, I added quilting in the border of each block- just a simple swirl. The concern would be getting tucks in the backing since you don't really have a way to control it with a finished quilt. I think adding a quilting design to each block might work better than an overall pattern.


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So I finally finished quilting the quilt.  It's my first one on a longarm.  It was fun and I learned a lot.  Anyway, I used Bottom Line in the top and bobbin for the cathedral window pattern in the chain area and the piano keys in the border, and So Fine 50 in the top for the quilting in the background fabric.  It's got some "irregularities" as you can imagine, but it's a present for my parents, so I'm sure they will be forgiving.  


Thanks to all who gave advice for how to go about quilting it.  I ended up using Quilt Path for the design in the background square (Indian Summer Block by Patricia Ritter) and free handing the cathedral windows and piano keys.




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