Wedding Quilt Finished

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I thought I would share a quilt I recently finished. My mother and sister-in-law pieced 42 large star blocks from homespuns for my wedding in 1998. My mother was 73 at the time. She put the blocks away as "life happens" and we pulled them out and created the quilt top around 2007. The top was put away again because I couldn't decide how it should be quilted. I didn't purchase my Mille until 2010; I finally loaded it in September. I ditched the entire quilt and then did some simple quilting motifs. Mom passed away in 2011; I wish she could have seen it finished. I am very pleased with how it turned out.


23315925522_e331a170de.jpgCallender Wedding Quilt by Lisa C., on Flickr




APQS Millenium in

Spring Creek, NV

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