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Quilted one of my own!

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Who knew how fun it is to quilt your own quilt! I pieced this one over two years ago.....It is from a Judy Niemeyer pattern called Cutouts. It uses pieces cut out of another of her quilt patterns.

23351220356_767333abe7_z.jpgArdelle's Cutout Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-

23009517009_ee8a716715_z.jpgAll Photos-847 by -RoseCity Quilter-

23295211121_c915afd6c1_z.jpgAll Photos-848 by -RoseCity Quilter-

22749010844_0ba47b02b7_z.jpgArdelle's Cutout Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-

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