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Fil-Tec Clear Quilt Class L bobbins for sale

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This is for all you Fil-Tec lovers. Even though I love Fil-Tec's threads and bobbins and use them almost exclusively in my long arm business, these have never caught on in my area and on-line store.


I have a lot of these bobbins to sell off - all brand new.


 I can fit up to 22 bobbins in a box for $5.95 shipping. Look through and let me know if anyone would like any and how many and I'll paypal you an invoice.


These are for the Clear Quilt Class L cotton bobbins (50/2) pre-wound at 75 yards each.  Mix and match. The list price for a box of 10 is $35.40


I will sell these for $3.25 each plus the $5.95 shipping.


12959 Cream -         17 available


12958 Light Grey-        9 available


12960 Light Tan -      18 available


12957 Lead Grey -       9 available


13014 White -               9 available


12961 Black -                9 available


Here is the link to the page that explains about these bobbins for anyone not familiar with them.  http://www.bobbincentral.com/bobbins/clear-quilt.htmlhttp://www.bobbincentral.com/bobbins/clear-quilt.html


Any questions, please let me know!

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Roseann, your link only works for wholesale customers of Fil-Tec, not for anyone else.  And for those not in the know, these prewounds are not recommended for use in APQS machines.  They can be used in domestic sewing machines and embroidery machines, but you should check your manufacturer's specs before trying it.

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Sorry, I put another link just for the information about these bobbins. It should work for anyone. Also, yes these are not for long arm  machines, but for domestic machines ( again sorry I failed to mention that).  Thanks for letting me know so that I could edit this.


This are for anyone who don't want to wind their own bobbins for their domestic machine.  They're a wonderful quality thread.  With the link above, you can see if your machine takes these style bobbins.



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