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Christmas gifts and projects

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As the day comes to a closing I am mentally reviewing my project list. I have a pillow to monogram and quilt around parts of it, 3 pillows already monogrammed that just need sewing together and a fleece Hoodiemail

to monogram. I believe I will make it in time for Christmas. What are some of your projects? Will you have to burn some midnight oil?

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I have finished the stockings for my two daughters-in-law, but still have Granddaughter Gloria's to do.  I think I finally have a plan, so hopefully will get it knocked out this weekend.  Our Bunco group adopted a family and we wrapped all the gifts last night instead of rolling dice.  I had made a flannel Americana looking quilt for the family - a single dad and 2 teenaged sons, one with multiple medical issues.  I didn't put a label on it intentionally, because I wasn't sure what I should say.  One of the other ladies made out the gift tag that simply said, "For the G____ family, handmade with love".  It truly is better to give than to receive!

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God bless you and the friends who helped with this project.


A label could have said, "Given to the ________ family. Quilted with love by the _________  group.

date and location could have been used, also.


Being in the low $$ state, we are just making microwave bowl holders. baking bags and I've worked up a

small beaded ornament, that was fun to make.

we will also put in gift cards for the Dairy Queen $5.00 meals


We have a few quilts to take over to the Haven House for battered gals, guys and children of theirs.

We also have some meds to take to the Helping Hands Clinic, and good used things to take to the



Wishing we could do more, and praying for healthy, safe and fun Holidays for all the friends who gather



With losing the use of the dominant hand, himself is helping me with the sewing.

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I am on a limited sleep schedule until christmas is over.  I have 1 lap quilt to quilt and bind for a little girl in ST Judes from my church, 2 full size quilts to bind, 1 king size quilt to bind (yeah I put off binding), 4 tie blankets to make, 5 monograms to embroider for blankets, 2 christmas stockings to quilt and embroider the names on. 


Thank goodness I can run the embroidery machine at the same time by sewing machine is running or I would never get finished.  I bind the quilts while I am waiting on my kid to get out of school or a sport function.  Idle hands is the devils workshop after all (LOL).


I beleive if I was able to quit my job (who needs to work anyway) I could get a lot more accomplished.

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This is a little quilt I did for a one year old boy named Jax. I knew liked cars then when my daughter saw it she said,"oh that's Mater", of course I didn't know who that was. She said " you know Tow Mater". Then I got it. I had not made a flannel quilt nor had i done the machine binding. I liked both especially for a lot of washing.



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