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I think we all need things that will make us smile!  This poem really hit the spot. 


We have 10 days to get all 12 microwave pot holders and 12 baking bags done.

One side is finished, just have to get the other marked so Himself can sew it for me.


I mark when I can, so if able to sew if for at least a few minutes I do that,  and will

keep going and do my best to help.


I cut extra batting circles for the bottom of the bowl holders..  

I thought i had the heat shield fabric, but can't find it, can't find it locally,

and won't stand the tension of "Will it get gere?"


I had a dream one night of elves (or were they Trolls?) running around on a quilt I had on the

frame, taking all the stitches out. 


At the most, these quilters spread a smile and peace of mind.

Thanks for sharing.

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