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Classes @ APQS West

Myrna Ficken

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Renters Certification

Saturday , January 9, January 30th and February 18th, 2016


5787 South Gallup St, Littleton Colorado, 80120 US

Time: 10:30 am - 2 pm

Isn’t it time you learn to quilt your own quilts? Or perhaps considering purchasing machine.

In the renters certification class you will learn all about using the machines. How to operate the Longarm, threading, bobbins and tension.  How to prepare your quilt for the Longarm. Load a quilt to the frame perfectly. Setting up a pantograph pattern and advance your quilt. Everything you need will be provided in class. Get your confidence on.

This class qualifies you to rent time on our top of the line APQS machines!


Class taught by Kate Colleran

January 28, 2016  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


This will be fun!  This class is designed to be a project class which means we will be putting the pedal to the metal and see how far we get!  We will talk shop:  I will show you how to make the blocks, how to get a good ¼” seam, show ways to press your seams to get the block to lay flat, talk color options and other fun stuff!

Grab your favorite fabrics and let’s play!


Fabulous Feathers


Class taught by Myrna Ficken

January 27, 2016  10:00 AM to 2:00 PM $100.

Would you like to perfect your feather?  Beginner and intermediate class in a relaxed environment to learn and practice you new skills. Feathers are fun to quilt and beautiful to look at. You will learn how to do basic longarm feathers and how to fancy them up. Freehand edge to edge, and blocks. Myrna will teach you how to fill the space fast and beautifully with no stress of getting in and out of areas. Lets get a boost in confidence and step out of your box.


Expressive Unmarked Free Motion Quilting

Class taught by Robbi Eklow



Robbi Eklow, the author of Free Expression: The Art and Confessions of a Contemporary Quilter shares her award winning, time saving techniques to fill your quilts with lavish designs. It's fun and easy. We'll be practicing on inexpensive felt rectangles in the morning (DSM) , switching to muslin sandwiches in the afternoon. Longarm will be practicing on muslin quilt sandwich all day. Beginner / Intermediate levels.

(DSM ONLY) Materials  List: Twenty precut 9" x 12" felt rectangles, any color. Two 18" x 18" practice quilt sandwiches, muslin for bread, cotton or wool batting for the "meat." Don't Baste! 40 weight machine embroidery thread, either polyester, cotton or rayon - one spool solid color, one spool variegated. Tools - SEWING MACHINE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER and with which you are FAMILIAR. It is assumed you will know how to set up your machine for darning. Sewing machine MANUAL. Free motion or darning foot for your machine. Extension cord Schmetz machine needles - size 75, 80 or 90, scissors to clip threads, tweezers to remove thread if necessary, small paint brush to clean lint out of machine, pen and paper to take notes and practice drawing quilt patterns; I highly recommend glasses to protect your eyes in case you break a needle and it flies.Robbi had a two part article covering her techniques in Quilting Arts Magazine Issue #11 and #12.

Note: A $20.00 kit fee will be added to Longarm students for, thread, batting, fabric




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