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The Only Possible help.

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Ok, 2016 update.

1. spent 8 days in the hospital with COP.  Got home the 2nd.  Have been quite weak but improving.  I've been  up today

for 6 hours and still feeling good, even without the 10 a.m. nap.


2 part of, maybe most of my problem is the COPD.  Now that two instruments have been explained for use and what they do, there

is a way to improve some of the damaged lung cells.  I hope I said that right.


3. I saw my pulmonologist on Fri. and the thinking there is:  If I can improve my lung health the spinal neurosurgeon, with the ok from the pulmonologist,  just may do the surgery.


4  the pain is in the cervical-lumbar area, and up at the base of the skull, ( c3-c6 have been fused), and the lower lumbar, right at and below the waist the sacro area.


I have deterioration, pinched nerves, arthritis, scoliosis, stenosis and am a total wreck.  lol, I told ya I hurt!.  I've shrunk 3 1/2" in the past 5-6 years.

Yes, I'm keeping the chin up, and will soon be seeking other surgeouns to get info from.


I so value all the prayers and good thoughts, the info and empathy.



 Luv ya all, God bless and Big Hugs

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Thanks Betsy, yes I am improving!

It feels good to be able to work on and finish a ufo, in one day.

Actually I finished 3 of the baking bags, finished altering Johns Vest,

and sewed a couple of rows of tumblers.

Before I just couldn't plan something out like this and get more than

one item done, if I could even do one.


I've still a long way to go.  I do not think I can endure 2 more months

of this pain without something to look forward to in the near future, or something other

than drugs to help.


I think I need to call Dr. Reis and see if I can move the appt. up... by a lot.


Please, thanks for the prayers and good thoughts, but please continue.

  My prayers for you continue

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  • 5 months later...

Thanks Leigh.  I guess I'm doing ok.


I've received "Can not help you"  replies from every contact I've made.

I guess they don't like the copd report.

I'm really not liking the last walking test as she jumped from 2% oxygen at extreme Activity, to 4%.

She didn't test anything in between, and I wasn't feeling winded at all.

Here at home I'm able to buzz around the house quite a bit before I feel tired, but not out of breath.

I still cant walk back from the mailbox, as its rather steep,   we've had to back a few  peoples cars out for them.

I can go fishing with 3 poles, so stay very busy with the left arm, and very seldom  run out of breath and that's during pollen season when I can't see the pollen.

Maybe I'm fishing too hard for a solution?  I dunno.

I don't know if a nerve block would help improve my hands, but thinking it would help  the pain.

Thanks again.

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The Lord must have a lot of trust in me, the way He trusts me to get thru all trials that coem my way, even those he didn't send.

Now I'm dealing with another issue. 

We ended up sepnding from 9 p. until 4 a.m. in emergency.

I was taking a weekly subcutaneious infusion for low white blood count, and had a reaction to it.  Hives, itching, and not feeling the best.

Now I have to see both the lung Dr. and my pc Dr.

The Dr., took one look at the sore on my arm/ the biggest in a long while (would you believe I was hammering on a wrecking bar and the handle

of the hammer wiped out a big patch on my arm.  The nurse cut the flap of skin off.  I won't let them do that again.  It provides protection if nothing

else,, while the spot heals.  It's still raw like it was the day I did it, over two weeks ago.


Soo, thank our Lord for meds.  I'm back on Benedryl, prednisone, antibiotics and one other med. 

Dr. Keys said I may have to go t0o the wound center for the arm.  roflmho, I donwanna!


3 hours sleep last night.. compliments of Prednisone.. lol gosh

am waiting to see if my lung dr will let me make an appt. as soon as possible, as the infusions are weekly.

Don't know what else is available. but think there may be. 

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Rita, I'm glad you updated us. I know what you mean about COPD, as soon as you mention it the medical community seems to run.  I've had it for years, doctors said I have scars in my lungs from  "probably lung injury when I was in the Navy", so they class it as COPD.   One doctor put me through pain worse then childbirth when he refused to give me any medication during a regular colon check due to having COPD.  I've been under the care of a pulmonary doctor since 1999 but my new PCM here in Michigan has not referred me to one, makes me a little nervous.  She just said, you're not on oxygen so we can treat you normally.  Anyway, sorry I got off track.  I hope you can find someone or something that helps with your pain.  I can't imagine fishing with 3 poles, well I can't imagine fishing (I hate fish).  Keep those lungs pumping and I'll keep praying for you.  Love ya.

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