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I would really like to see more QP video tutorials. I know some have said they find it hard to follow the APQS You Tube tutorials, but I've found them very helpful. However, what's covered on You Tube is very basic, and QP is capable of so much more. I'm in the process of going through the info in Thread Waggle and appreciate the content as well as the time and effort it took to put it together. But I would really like more videos. I feel like advanced information is a big secret, and only those who can afford to travel to in-person classes will be privy to its information. For the amount of money that QP costs, that should not be the case. So you've told us how to place blocks and set up pantographs.... Thank You! That into has already come in handy. But what about Pattern Cad and Quilt Cad? I so want to use QP to its fullest potential. Video tutorials about these areas of QP would enable me to accomplish this goal. O.K. I know there is not secret brother/sisterhood of advanced QP users, but that's just how I feel. This is not a rant. I just would like to put it out there that I am a visual learner, I think that the current You Tube videos are great, and I would really like to see more (Lot's More).

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Not really a secret brother/sisterhood, but there is the Facebook group for Quilt Path.  We do keep it private so that we can control access to the group.  It is for Quilt Path owners and APQS dealers.  That group is what drove my Tech Sunday posts.   


A lot of getting comfortable with PatternCAD is just playing with the software.  The helps system does a great job in explaining the different button in the software and what they do.  


I don't know what the plans are for future APQS channel videos.  So far the ones that I am working on for my channel  they are about how to place things, that are not easy to place, like a hexie, or half hexie.   I am working on editing videos this week, but it may take me a while to get them done.   


There is a small group of people that are doing very advanced work with Quilt Path.    The ones that I know of are all on the Facebook group and post pictures of their work and are actively posting answers to questions there too.    


 I have not driven home for a couple years, but when I do, I go right past LaGrange.  

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I'm looking forward to more QP videos and on-line training also.  I know that there is so much more that I could be doing with it.  I posted a question on the facebook page and on the Computerized quilt APQS forum.  I have had one response of someone saying that she has done what I want to do which is an allover in the center of the quilt with piano keys for the outside borders.  I need to understand what patterns I can use for this and how to go about doing it.  Do I create in basic or advanced? Do I wrap or not?

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It appears you are thinking through the steps. It may be helpful if you make a quilt sandwich from practice fabric to build your confidence. It will likely be a technique you will use often.

1) I would set Roll Diameter and Screen Scaling. Let me know if you need help doing this.

2) Choose Basic. You'll have all the tools you need in Basic.

3) Pick a pattern that doesn't need to wrap on the sides or have a partial pattern at the top and bottom.

4) Use the QP ruler for measuring your width to the border and reduce the width by 1/8".

5) Measure the length to the border before you load the quilt. Reduce the length by 1" for every 40". This helps you end where you want.

6) Post pictures when you are done.

You can do this!

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Calibrating your machine, Screen Scaling and Setting Roll Diameter, will give you more accurate measurements, which is great when you are fitting a design within borders!

1) From the "Home" screen, tap "Design & Create" Pantograph.
2) Tap the "?Help" button in the upper menu bar.
3) Tap "Set Screen Scaling".
4) Click and drag the lower and right sides of the white box until the inner box is exactly three inches. (A 3" Post-it note works great for measuring.)
5) Once the inside box is exactly three inches.Tap "OK".
This will need to be re-done after an upgrade.

1) Tap "Quilt" under "Design & Create."
2) Tap on one of the grids to highlight it.
2) Tap "Select Pattern". Choose any pattern and tap "Ok". (You will see the pattern to the right of the "Select Pattern" button.)
3) Tap "Place Pattern". (In your highlighted grid you will see the pattern.)
4) Tap "Plug-ins" button in the upper right corner.
5) Tap "Virtual Longarm".
6) In the upper right you will see "Roll Diameter". Enter your Roll Diameter.
Millie or Freddie Deluxe Table, enter 3 inches.
Lucey, Lenni or Larry Standard Table, enter 2.5 inches
7) With the roll diameter set, you may close out your Quilt.

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Thanks, Heidi.  I did do the screen scaling when I received my QP.  I realized it as soon as I read your instructions.  Setting the roll diameter was new to me.  I can't wait for a manual to come out with this information all in one place.  How does to roll diameter affect the quilting?  I decided to float this quilt, I rarely do that for one this large.  I have found a design that I think will work and will give it a try today.  I will measure and remeasure to make sure I'm good and then may trace the pattern just to be sure.  Any other tips?

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I was asking about this quilt specifically.  I am planning to use Patricia Ritter's, Trellis pattern just in the center Jacob's ladder blocks.  I am doing piano keys through the outside four borders, x's in the 2" square border and probably a ribbon in the inside white border next to the area where the panto will be.




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I just received my QP this week and will be setting it up (with the help of a friend) over the w/e. I'll be checking out the videos on YouTube, but would like to know where else is good "newbie info". I noticed above that you mention a QP group on FB , so I'll ask to join there. Any other suggestions?

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