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Apqs lenni

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I had a Gammill Classic on 12' table for about 16 years. I sold the Gammill and bought a used Lenni on a 10' bliss table. I love this little machine on the 10' table. It's a simple but amazing quilting machine and the smaller machine on a smaller table are just exactly what I wanted. If I were buying a new Lenni I would definitely get the Bliss table. 

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I have had my Lenni since October and I love it. I have the 12 foot table but I do not have the Bliss table. When I ordered it the dealer told me I would not need it with the Lenni because it was a lighter machine. I am very new to long arm quilting but so far I really like this machine and I think it handles very good with the table I have.

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I don't try to do any panto's ovewr 12 inches.


I seldom do a panto due to it causing spinal pain.


Penny is computerized.


We took a closet and made it into an alcove and put one end of the table in there.  It was the only way a 10 foot

table would fit.  A 12 foot table would have needed my dsm corner taken out and put in another room.   I didn't

want that. I've only had 2 quilts that were too big to comfortably fit on the frame  One I sent back, just did Not

like the quilt or her requests, top of the line custom and only wanted to pay for an all over. :(


The other I left about 18" not quilted down one sode, finished the rest of the quilt and rebasted the quilt to a zipper

leader and finished the other strip.  Came out quite well.  That quilt was 120" long.. it was getting snug in the throat.

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