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These are some vintage quilts I it herited. They are from 60 to 30 years old. After reading the post about SID in hand pieced quilts I went to get these out of storage. There are a couple that are hand pieced completely.


This one is hand pieced. I may be the oldest. Some of the blocks are from my elementary school dresses. I am 68 now.

This one is hand pieced in the curve. I believe it is the Drunkards Path pattern.

These are a combination of hand and machine. I think my Mother, Grandmother and aunt worked on them.

Does anyone know what pattern the one with the pink center could be?

I am not too good at getting the pictures posted where I wanted .

Thanks friends.




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The quilts look outstanding, and you should be proud and protective of them.  They are your families history and heritage.  You should record all you know about them, so your future generations can pass on the stories and memories of them all.


Concerning posting pictures, once you upload them, you can simply cut and past the words around them.  Use the preview option next to the post button to see exactly how your post will appear online.  Good luck.



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