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Angie at APQS gave me some help with my Millie surging issue today.  I sent her a video and photos of the M & M Wheel and Encoder Wheel located at the left side of the machine carriage near the rear handle.  She noted that the Encoder Wheel could be too tight and can be adjusted (she included attachments giving instructions).  These instructions are also in the Set up/Maint book that came with my machine on adjusting the Encoder Wheel.  She noticed some oxidation on the M & M Wheel and told me that a rag or Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol would clean that up.  I did not make the Encoder Wheel adjustment yet; decided to try it after cleaning and see if that took care of the surging.  So far, so good.  I will make the Encoder Wheel adjustment if needed.  I appreciate Angie's technical help today; wanted to pass this info on to you all. 

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Thanks Debbie.  I am hopeful that APQS will work with me as well to resolve this surging problem with my Millie.  Intermittent, no particular direction noted, and only with stitch regulator engaged.  It will often surge upon initial start up or restart of quilting.  M & M Wheel and Encoder seem to be connecting well with equal spacing top and bottom on the wheel. 

Thanks again.

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