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I purchased one from Dave jones in February and can tell you it was a GREAT investment. I was not able to afford either of the two leaders in computerization, so I looked at the Butler. I was never a great freehand quilter, so this tool has given me great consistency when doing multiple blocks, plus has allowed me to semi-custom quilts with designs I would never have attempted either freehand or stencil! I never thought I would use it for pantos, boy was I wrong! That is one of the best uses as it allows me to be piecing my own quilts no catching up on all my UFOs. My customers have been pleased with the results because most use all over patterns and my turnaround time has gotten shorter. Plus it is just fun creating and designing! Feel free to email me at lahufford@me.com if you have more questions,


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What was the learning curve on the butler?  I currently have a Qbot and the learning curve is steep and the robot has to be fiddled with to make it do what I want.  Also not exactly inexpensive plus mine runs on wires.  Does the butler use belts or wires?  Does the butler accept designs from quilt design programs easily?  As I have Pfaff Quilt Design software and like to make my own designs.  How do you transfer purchased designs or designs from a pc to the butler?  Any help would be appreciated.




Kathy Garner

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Hi Kate,  I've been using the Butler for about 3 years on a MegaQuilter, and recently purchased the Juki QVP with Quilters Creative Touch 4 by Grace as a second machine. I've been quilting for clients for 8 years, started out FM and then added the Butler robotics.  I quilt about 20 quilts per month.  So far, much to my disappointment, I much prefer the Butler, and wish I had simply purchased another system like I had.  Butler is far more straight forward, does it's job without imposing a lot of "software control" that I have found to be most frustrating with the Grace programs.  Butler is not hard to master yet has the capability of doing very complex designs like irregular blocks, DWR's etc that I have found to be extremely difficult with the QCT4.

Good luck in your search!

Sandra G

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