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We moved our store and thus my studio!

RoseCity Quilter

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So I have been very busy lately. If you follow me on FB or IG you will know the following. We moved both our stores together to one new location! We started Dec. 26 and opened Jan. 6, one week ahead of our self imposed opening day. We are very tired but it is a good tired!

As you may remember my Longarm was in our classroom. Now I have my own space!!!!!! I am thrilled with my new space! Not only that we added Quilt Path to my 2009 Millennium and added a new Milli!!! I have a new assistant, Sabrina, who introduced herself here earlier today with the handle Fried Green Tomatoes. Sabrina will be helping me with all sorts of things as well as running Quilt Path. She is young, and catches on to computer stuff very fast.

24177032002_359797b226.jpgRoseCity Quilter New Studio by -RoseCity Quilter-

My new Milli!

23760229103_b885c596ab.jpg6B9B01ED-FE6B-4EDB-A098-DA18F61F07D7-172 by -RoseCity Quilter- Sabrina and her 1st Quilt Path quilt!

24284994905_d0aa755df7.jpgRoseCity Quilter New Studio by -RoseCity Quilter-

My new pressing station, 111" long! :)

Lots more pictures on my latest blog:


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On 1/28/2019 at 9:20 PM, Allison S. said:

Love the pressing table. My wheels are spinning now!


Hi Allison,

Thank you for the note.  I made this table a few months ago.   Found the table at a thrift store, spray painted it black, topped it with plywood, quilt batting then fabric.  Found some instruction on Youtube.  Do it!

Jamie Bennett

Quilts & Clay

Bellevue, Idaho

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