Storing and Displaying Pantographs

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I too use the over the door shoe holder organized by flowers, feathers, leaves, themes,etc.  but I would like to make a book of designs that my customer can page through.  Has anybody done this?  Most of my customers tell me to do what I think, but some would like to pick a design and are overwhelmed by the rolls and rolls of pantos.   

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Someone had a great idea that I used:

3 ring binder with clear page protectors.

Slit the inside and bottom seams of the clear plastic and fold out on the panto. Trace with permanent marker then put in the binder. Great way to keep together and pull out the clear pages to lay on quilt top to "audition" the design. Took a little time, but it'seems really useful now! (probably lay the side on the quilt top without the marker, but I haven't had any issues). Easy to add to when you get new pantos. I even traced a section of my CL boards to put in my binder?! Oh, then I just store my pantos and boards in a cupboard out of sight.

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I finally got organized.  I have mine in the shoe holder, but then grouped by theme.  I also have a notebook where I have taken photos of the individual pantos, then printed out about 3x5" pictures of them.  My even more ingenious organization was to group the photos by theme.  I've got Asian, Animals, sports, "where does it go?" etc.  Then customers can look at a small photo of the panto to get an idea, and when they've narrowed down their choices, I can quickly pull the one or ones that they are considering, and let them see the full design. 


Easy enough to add to as the collection grows too.

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I bought a little wooden box from Lowes that has little square shelves/cubbies in it.  I labeled the cubbies with seasons, kids, babies, etc and keep them rolled up and in the cubbies.  I also wrote the names of the pantos on each end so they are easy to look through in each cubby.  It works well for me.

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