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Machine stopping - grounding wire issue?

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Twice yesterday my machine stopped while I was stitching in stitch regulated mode.  This has happened in the past, too, but not real often.


When my dealer set up my machine, she did not connect the grounding wire to anything, saying it was not needed.  I took her word for it, although I did wonder why it was there, if it was not needed.  From other posts I have seen, I am wondering if the stopping is caused by static, and the grounding wires really should be connected.


I connected one end of the wire to my machine (shown by the green arrow in the picture).   However, I cannot find an obvious place to connect the other end of the grounding wire (indicated by the red arrow in the picture), and have been unable to find information in my manual or on the APQS site. 


Should this grounding wire be connected, and if so, where??  A picture or pictures would be especially helpful, as I am definitely a visual learner.


Thanks in advance!!


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The grounding wire was necessary for machines that were on a Bliss table.  The updated Bliss carriage does not require the grounding wire.

Your table is non blissed so shouldn't need the grounding cable.


Have you checked the encoder wheels on your machine, they do wear out.  Dawn has some great instructions on how to tell if your encoder is misbehaving.  A search of encoder wheels may bring it up for you

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