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Finished a Quilt

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So I finally finished a quilt that I started a couple months ago. I had some problems with skipped stitches on the appliqué parts and I still need to add eyes to the big bat. I also tried something I had heard do but never done. I ironed my appliqué pieces down and then sewed them down as part of the quilting. I don't honestly love the look of that method so I probably won't do it again. Also my quilting elsewhere is basically just a loopy meander.

I haven't been putting much time into quilting lately and hoping that will change. Im moving next weekend and will have more space. I will have a room just for my long arm that will be cat free. That way I will be able to put a quilt on my frame and work on it a little at a time instead of holding off putting a quilt on only when I know I've got a good large block of time to start and finish a quilt.


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