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I have some awesome pantographs for sale.  I purchased Quilt Path so am switching over to digital. I waited way too long to practice with Pantographs.  If you're new, don't be afraid to give them a try.  My business got a real boost once I became proficient with the pantos because I was able to finish much quicker that a custom.  They are the "bread and butter" of our business. $8 ea plus shipping. All 23 $175 plus shipping.


Linda Taylor

-Feather Meandering 14”

-Feathered Flower 15”


Jodi Beamish

-Waterworld 8”  Sold

-Holly Bells 8.75”

-Chevron Feather 10”  Sold

-Popcorn SM 6”  Sold

-New Wave 8.5”  Sold


Patricia Ritter

-Wave on Wave 7” double row

-Indian Summer-Petite 5” wide

-Santa Ana 8” double row  Sold

-P.S. I Love You 9.5”  Sold

-Curlz 7.5” double row

-Animal Crackers 9.5”   Sold


Benay Derr

-Pretty Paisley 11”  Sold

-Fluffy Clouds 11”  Sold

-Tickle 11”  Sold

-Tickle Too 11”  Sold


Keryn Emmerson

-Leaf & Scroll 12”

-Double Plume 7”


Hermione Agee

-Alfresco 11”  Sold

-Happy Times 5”  Sold

-Nouveau Feathers 7” double row  Sold


R&S Designs

-Stars and Stripes 4” double row

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