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Take your time on the panto. You are not racing to the end of the table. Just get into a groove or rhythm. I have Pandora on my phone and found a genre of music to study by. It is classical music, which I have never ever, ever listened to. But it slows me down. By the way, I have not quilted for a few years. I sold my machine a few years ago, and am waiting for the one I just purchased to start again. So you may not want to pay attention to what I say, but I remember that I always kind of went speeding through a panto. Now, on the flip side. no one is going to know if you went off the line, because it doesn't show up on the quilt. When you are finished, what ever you not point our your mistakes. No one will see them, if you do no bring attention to them. Above all.....have fun!!!

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Yes, practice makes perfect; but practice first drawing it with your finger to get the memory of it ingrained in your brain.  It really helps.  Also, I agree with looking slightly ahead....just like driving.  You don't necessarily have to be perfectly on the line all the time.  No one is going to compare your stitches to the paper pattern.  Go to YouTube and search Dawn Cavanaugh pantographs.  She does a great intro to pantos.  That might help, too.  Good luck!

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Keep your elbows at your sides and relax the grip. Do a dry run with only the laser and not stitching. Pick an easy panto without a lot of backtracking or close stitching lines. Save these for later when you're bored with loops and curves. Someone once told me "the panto line is a suggested stitching line". If you're off a little, no one will know except you. Find some mellow music; something that goes the same speed as you quilt. I like Hawaiian music as I hula down the table.  

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