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Met up with some friends the other day and ended up taking a couple of my friend's quilts to quilt for her.  She wanted me to take this one, but I am leary because i love this one and just don't know what to do with it.  I told her to hang on  to it for a little while until I came up with some ideas.  These at 5" blocks that are paper-pieced.  The quilt is probably a lap or throw size, but doing SID would require a ton of close stitching and I don't want to make this quilt "stiff".  How would you quilt this?



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Perhaps use a circle template, circle board, or circle-making machine to drop a 5" circle with the center in the tiny free-standing contrasting squares. Your second photo has the perfect one--- the square with the tiny "X" would be the center of the circle and the edge of the circle would kiss the seams between each square. Circles/curves will be a nice contrast to the graphics of the tiny logs and not be dense at all. It would have a modern feel as well--gorgeous quilt with wonderful colors!

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I love this quilt, log cabin courthouse steps.

The most effective way I quilted a similar quilt (IMHO) was circles like Linda's suggestion. Time consuming, lots of starts & stops but worth it. The quilting will complement the quilt top/piecing.

Circle Lord sells gizmo to make circles,

Linda Rech's website has topper tools, either way you will have to invest because circles are best done with tools like these.

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