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Wool batting

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I'm partial to Quilter's Dream batting.  I love wool, it's my favorite to use.  QD wool is great the needle goes through it like a hot knife in butter.  I get the QD Wool Select, do not get request it's for hand quilting.  I have a business license so I get it from the distributor in VA Beach.  I've seen it in a lot of quilt shops too.  If you have a business license they will send you samples of their batting and a price listing.  Customer service is top notch too.  Just google Quilters Dream Batting to find it.

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I love Hobbs Tuscany.  I get it from EE Schenk here in Portland.


I used it in a quilt for my mom for Christmas.  Got an email from her several weeks later with a subject line of "Rat!"  Seems that she is so in love with her cozy wool quilt that she doesn't want to get up in the morning and has taken to sleeping until 10am (She's retired)

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I have used Quilters Dream wool batting in the package and really like it.  Has anyone noticed a difference between the QD in packages versus on a roll?  I found an earlier post about a place called Quilternatives that has really good pricing for QD wool on a roll, but I know some companies (Hobbs, for example) seem to have different levels of quality for packages and rolls.

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