Leaders Wavy and Crooked

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Hi Joy,

Our representative, Sue Schmieden, created The Quick Zip System. You can reach her at:

Sue Schmieden

The Quilting Connection

21 Adams St.

Elkhorn, WI 53121


One other hint I'll add if you decide to put on the zippers:

Lots of quilters try to attach one half of the zippers using the long arm to sew it to the canvases. However, they struggle with keeping it straight and breaking needles. My suggestion would be to remove your canvases completely from each roller, and then take them over to the sewing machine and attach the zippers.

Of course, pay attention to Sue's directions about which zippers go where, centering them, etc. You'll want to make sure your center marks still line up after reattaching; you may want to wait and re-mark the centers of the zippers after you've re-attached the canvases.

In another thread APQS technician Amy Anderson describes how to remove the canvases and reattach them, but to review here:

[*] Peel the canvas off the roller. It should come off fairly easily.

[*] Use a putty knife to scrape off all the old adhesive. You may need to use a solvent if you want it scrupulously clean (the product the factory attaches the canvases with is "Liquid Nails".)

[*] When you are ready to reattach your canvases, look at the roller bar and you'll see a "seam line" that is straight along the tube (see attached photo). Use some small strips of duct tape to hold the canvas in line with this seam line. Then simply use longer strips of tape along the length of the roller to hold it in position.

I have never needed to unroll my canvases down to where they are attached to the roller to load a quilt. The tape will hold just fine. There's plenty of canvas on the machine; you won't even know you reattached it.

Happy Quilting!



APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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Thank you again, Dawn. I really appreciate all the information you have shared with me here. Don't know if I'm ready for all of that yet -- the zipper attaching, that is. Will make a note of where to get them, however. I'm so excited that I'm at the bottom of my quilt and it is STRAIGHT. May leave well enough alone for a while.

Hugs, Joy


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Amy, thanks for the info on attaching the canvas. We do not need to attach with liquid nails ? The masking tape will hold the canvas in place ? I believe I read that Dawn suggested that we remove canvas to attach zippers if we are have a time getting then on.

2007 APQS Liberty


Livermore Falls, Maine

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Yes, duct tape will hold just fine. As Dawn mentioned, you almost never unroll the canvas down to the layer where it is attached, so there is always the extra tension of the extra layers of canvas to help hold it in place.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems!!

Amy Stuart

APQS Service Team


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I know this is a older post but I'm replacing the leaders on a table that I think was a self created by some one but it it hopefully work I'll send a picture tomorrow.  Anyway I'm replacing the leaders with pillow ticking so far seems like it will work with stretching which me luck.

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