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Fix or replace my APQS Freedom without stitch regulation

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I have a 2007 APQS Freedom without stitch regulation. I purchased it right before they started putting stitch regulators on all Freedoms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the machine, it runs wonderfully.

Is it possible to add on stitch regulation? 

if so, I am debating....should i invest the money to add it to this machine or would I be better off purchasing a different machine that has it on it already ( new or used it doesnt really matter to me)???

Please respond with any input you have on this subject. Thanks!

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How much do you use your machine? 2007 is not that old if you only use it for your own quilts. Have you contacted APQS and asked for advice? Maybe they have insight into whether it is advisable or not. I consider a stitch regulator to be essential if you do lots of stitch in the ditch. There are a lot of used machines available. Contact Delos and Dave Jones. They often have used machines and could help you sell yours if you decide to upgrade.

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to buy a non-stitch regulated freedom prior to buying my millie. I called and talked with Zoltan from Intellistitch to see if it was possible to have Intellistitch installed on the freedom. He told me that the computer board in the freedom is not compatible with the Intellistitch stitch regulator. I don't know if the Perfect Stitch regulator would be compatible or not. I would talk to APQS like Jim and Zora suggest and see if they could install a stitch regulator on your freedom. It may be more cost effective to buy another machine.

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