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Hi everyone!  I want to introduce myself and join this group.  My name is Ginger, but since that name was already in use, my moniker name is Kaye (which is my middle name).   I am a newbie..well sort of...I have been "reading" on APQS forums for quite a while but never posted. :ph34r:  

I am now the proud owner of a 2012 blissed Lenni!!  I am so excited!!!! For those of you that are familiar with Grammie Tammie here on APQS, I purchased  her machine, although it will be March before it gets set up at my house.   So I have much to learn and can't wait to "meet" you all. :rolleyes:

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Welcome to the club.  While you are waiting for your "new baby" take the time to watch some of the excellent APQS instructional videos; , then take the time to draw them out on paper.  That way when Lenni is all setup in your home, you will be off and running.  You brain will already have some ingrained muscle memory as to how the design flows, and you will have wonderful results.  Let us see your work.  Like all of us, you are your worst critic, so let us tell you what a great job your doing.  Have fun, March will be here before you know it.



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I appreciate everyone's welcome and words of encouragement.   Cagey, I have taken your advise and have been watching the videos.  I also have a sketch pad and practicing cursive e and l as well as just doodle-ing. My drawing has a looong ways to go but I must admit I am having fun with it.   I have some muslin and batting ready for when my lenni arrives so I can really play!

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