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Quilt EZ vs IQ

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Sorry, I have IQ which is amazing.  You should get what you can afford and comfortable with.  I don't know anything about Quilt EZ.  Have you considered the APQS Quilt Path it is another wonderful and some what easy computer to use?  Donna is correct, check the features, are you just wanting to do end to end (pantographs) or custom?  Lots of questions.  Try testing the systems at a show or visit with someone who has the system.  I wasted a lot of money on lots of gadgets and a computer program called PC Quilter (that was a disaster on my domestic machine),  I think I would have saved money if I would have did my homework and bought the IQ (or Quilt Path) to start with.  Only you know your limits.  Have fun and good luck.

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I've been wondering about quilt ez myself. I did try it out. It seemed easy enough to run but then again so did IQ and quilt path.

I do not run a business so spending a ton just is not going to happen for my hobby. If money was not a problem, IQ by far seems to be the most versatile than any other from my research. I really like their no sew area. I've not found any other system that has that. Quilt path is not made by APQS, it's made by Grace Co.

I wish there was a spread sheet or something that compares all the features of each system.

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