Using QP just in center of quilt

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I have posted this on the QP facebook page but thought I would add it here also.  post-2757-0-28795900-1456229384_thumb.jpg


I would like to quilt the middle of this quilt with Quilt Path. I'm thinking of doing piano keys on the outside 4 borders, X's through the squares border, not sure about the narrow inside white border and allover computerized in the center. It is 101x101 and my customer asked about the possibility of doing this. Any tips or tricks? Maybe if I keep the allover on the center pieced part it won't be noticeable if it isn't exactly centered.

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I am so new to QP that I know I am only scratching the surface when using it.  If the center is 74x74 are there patterns that I can stitch as a pantograph that will look "finished" along the outside perimeter.  I was thinking that I wouldn't use the wrap function.  Again I just don't know all of the in's and out's of the program.

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Congratulations on purchasing Quilt Path. It is so much fun!

Regarding quilting only the center of a quilt, you are approaching it correctly with regards to wrapping. Quilting the center with Quilt Parh is a technique you will likely use often once you're familiar with it. A pattern that wraps would mean tying off more threads.

Have you done "screen scaling" and "set your roll diameter"? Doing this will help QP stitch what you see on the screen. I would use the QP ruler for measuring with. For the length I would measure before you load. Many QP users have found that subtracting 1" for very 40" of length helps you end where you need to. (That's approximately the amount taken up in the quillting, though this amount will vary with the batting you use and the density of your pattern.) In the "Setting" menu I would recommend setting "Tie-off Stitch Count" to zero. I would check "Pause at Trim Lines". It might be good to choose "Upper Right" and trace a portion of the panto. Then choose "Upper Left" for placement. This will verify your width start and end points.

Are you a member of the Quilt Path Facebook page? If you aren't, please call or message me with your name and email. I'll send you an invite. You will find that many of your questions are answered on that site. It is a great place to see some amazing quilting and also to ask questions.

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