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Finally finished UFO

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Just wanted to share this quilt that has taken me 13 years to finally get finished....it was my very first appliqué class taken in Ketchikan, AK where we tried a different way of appliqué for each block, (needle turn, back basting, and I forgot what the others were called)...I moved from AK to VA in 2003 and finished the appliqué up waiting for my household goods to arrive sitting in the sun on the deck and finally got it quilted last week and the binding and label on today...whew!  I am trying to work my way through my old UFO's that need quilting and have taken a break from customers...so one down and 12 more to go.....  I feel like I have accomplished something!  :)




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Your piecing and quilting look wonderful.  While it may have taken a few years to finish it up, just think how much you have learned during that time.  Who knows how it would have turned out in 2003 if you had quilted it then.  Now 13 years later after thousands of hours of practice you have a true treasure to enjoy and cherish going forward.  One that you can pass on to your children with a wonderful story about your fortitude and perseverance to never give up, and finish all things you undertake.  Keep up the great work.  Thank you for sharing.




PS:  If you possibly rotated your two photos but failed to save them after rotating them on your computer, you may have imported your original sideways pictures.  

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