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Star quilt finally off the frame!

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I finally got my star quilt quilted.  I've also named it Luminous Splendor.  It has been accepted in MQX so I have to hurry and get the binding done.  Here is a picture of a corner of the quilt.  This quilt is only 32 x 32 so this is almost to the middle :-).  I also included a picture of it soaking in the tub.  I always soak my quilts in the bathtub to remove all the blue marks.  Once it has soaked well, usually at least an hour or more, then I run it though my front loader on a delicate cycle.  Then I block it on a piece of insulation foam.  Next up is the binding!  I've decided on prairie points in pink and green.  I hope it work the way I think it will.  



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After a few days of lessons at the Daytona AQS show, I can more deeply appreciate all you tiny quilting in the negative space on the outside of your your quilt.  It truly is amazing.  I feel for sure you have more than a hundred hours invested in the piecing and quilting.  I hope your quilt show results are just as impressive as your quilt top.  Once you have it bound, please let us see it all spread out with some detail pictures of both the front and back.  Thank you for sharing your outstanding work.



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Heidi, That scroll work, the blue, is it hand or machine appliqued

Do you use a glue?

Thanks Rita.  the scroll work is hand appliqued.  I do use Sharon Schambers foundation and glue stick.  I switched to this method probably 5 years ago.  I get very crisp edges this way and have no problem needling through the glue.

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