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I've been searching around for a neurosurgeon or spine surgeon that will accept me for surgery because of the COPD.

Basically I was told, to go home, live in pain for the rest of your life, and don't bother us.


Has anyone tried the Laser Spine Institute?  Know first hand of anyone who has, and of course, results of treatments?


That seems to be my last/only choice... We will be going to Tampa (Himself said Tampa!)  for an evaluation and further testing.

I don't have a date yet.


Thanks for any help..

HugZ,  too!


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Have you given John Hopkins in Baltimore a call?  They are not too far up the road from NC.  You need to stay positive and continue to make phone calls to different offices.  I have a number of friends who have gone through some situations as this.  Once they found the right doctor, they were able to get treatment that rectified their situation.  


I am not in the medical field, so I can only suggest you go online and find large hospitals that do that type of surgery.  Explain you situation, and see if they can review your records.  The problem will be getting your foot in the door, so be persistent.  Lastly, if the underlying problem cannot be fixed, there should be pain management that can reduce the pain while not making you unable to live your life.  You may have to approach it from a different direction to find a solution.  


One final thought, now days with insurance trying to cut costs, most offer consulting services to help find providers.  They can go beyond just finding an in-network doctor.  Try giving them a call, they can access their in-network providers across the county.  They might be able to find a doctor/hospital that will take on your multifaceted health issues.  Until then, I wish you the best of luck, and will add you to my prayer list.  Remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Take care, and God Bless.



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Rita, I goggled laser spine surgery in your area.  It looks like Duke may do laser.  I also found these numbers to inquire about laser surgery in your area 877-322-0332 and 844-832-0634.  I believed the numbers are tied into the Laser Spine Institute of America.  Virginia Beach also has surgeons using laser.  Wish I could be more help.  I know about the COPD issue because I only have 60 percent use of my lungs from an injury, they won't even give me a sedative for the colon check.

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The laser places near me say they won't do anything with COPD patients, unless the copd is very minimal.

I'm considered moderate.


Being In NC an going to CA is more than we can handle at this point.


Will check the large hospitals and everything else that was mentioned above.


Thanks for help, and please, pray, and thank you for the prayers.

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Rita, there is a place here in Michigan, The Disc Institute, that advertises that they can treat most back issues without surgery.  They also have locations in Minnesota and Pennsylvania, so PA might work for you.  I have no personal experience with this place, and do not know anyone who has gone there, but did think of your issues when I heard their commercials.  Might be worth investigating.




Keeping you in my prayers.

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