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I wanted to share with you what I did yesterday.

I have been thinking about this for a while, storage for my Long arm rulers.

My BH and I created an area under my long arm table to store them.

I own a 2005 Millie and had it blissed a year and a half ago. So I had extra  Rails and table top.

I did not want to drop the rails down and create another shelf as my husband built me a rolling batting holder for under my machine.

So I came up with this design and  I LOVE IT. I can see and find them and have lots of room to buy more. 


More pictures of the process on my facebook page, if you click on the photos there is a breif description of how I made my shelf.


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Terry, I love this idea, can you explain how you did this, It appears that you took out the Panto shelf above the cross tubes on the rails. But cannot imagine how the lowered shelve is attached on the bottom?

Hi Judith I have problems getting my images to post so if you go to my facebook page I have an album of images on how I did this. each picture I did a brief description of how we created the bottem shelf.

Basically here is a quick description

I blissed my Table a year and a half ago so I had the extra plexi glass left over I stored that. My old plexi top was clear and the new one is grey. I kept thinking I could make a storage area between the top and the bottom of my table. I purchased a 1" aluminum angle iron and riveted it to the bottom of the side rails the whole length of the table rails (approx 11'4") this created a lip on the bottem on both sides that the grey plastic top could rest on I needed to take a jigsaw and cut a strip off of the edge ,the width of the inside area then I had to slide the plastic under the table round supports. I did add the little rubber disks so the table will not rattle. and I added a cushioned fabric under the rulers I am storing there. I put the clear plexi top on to again and when I want a ruler I can see it and just lift the plexi and grab it. Word of caution you can not store anything to heavey as we did not put anysupports under the plastic shelf, if we need to we will add a flat iron to the bottom. I could also use this as a light box now just put the light in there and trace. I hope this helps.

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