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Batting Storage- my solution

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I was asked to show a picture of my Batting storage trolley my husband made for me .

I can store 96 or 120" wide batting .I can store  two rolls of batting and is on casters

so I can roll it out to load and clean the dust bunnies  that seam to gather in my studio.


sorry having problems getting pictures to load again



maybe you can see this Ya I got it Judith



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TRow Thank you!!! Your husband is so creative. Thanks for sharing all his inventions. Have you thought about using left over batting or an old sheet to cover the batting to prevent dust bunnies. I have a sling on mine and it is amazing what it catches.

I can hardly wait till 2017 to everything in 1 room. This will go lovely in my new studio 30' x 15'.

Blissful Quilting until next time…

Judith Washburn

APQS Dealer

Sealy, Texas


Complete Longarm Quilting Studio

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much more cool than my solution...I have extra dining chairs in my attic....they have slates in the I took a spare shower curtain rod and placed it between two chair backs and my batting roll is hung on the rod.....I found a bit of trim board left over from a remodeling project and when I measure out how much batting I need....I use that trim board as a straight edge and chalk a line on the batting so I can cut it straight...yep, I just lay that trim piece between the slates of the chair backs handy husband here...just low tech fine though...Lin

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