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I did not think this day would ever get here.

My first quilt has been loaded. 

It took me a little longer than it use to in the old days, but it it is loaded. 

I will be using a panto. It is also loaded. I forgot what it felt like trying to unroll a new panto and load it on the table. Like wrestling an elephant. 

The correct thread is on the machine with the right color bobbin. Yay!!

Sometime tomorrow I will quilt. I hope.  




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Not sure I could quilt with a duck staring at me.




Very nice Freedom, sitting in a very nice room too.  Beautiful quilt.   Like your little (guard) duck.



This duck has special meaning. It was on my Millie too. I won't go into details, because I don't want to be a Debbie Downer....but let's just say, my set up was not complete until my Aflac Duck was in place. 

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Well, I put a prewound bobbin in, did the drop test, then started. The bobbin was not right, and I did not try it out on the side of the quilt. I quilted about 6" across the quilt and realized what I had done. I reached under the quilt and WHEW!!! What a mess. I turned it off and walked away, because I can  :D . Tonight we go to a knee replacement class for Rod. When I have time, I will finish ripping out, and begin again. 

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