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we adjusted our hopping foot the other day as we notice the stitch plate was wearing, 

then I notice about an hour later the hooping foot needed to be adjusted again as it moved


Today I have notice the hoping foot moves up and down quite freely and I am pretty sure it should not do that at all

So I tried to adjust again and i am able the move the hoping foot up and down easily


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Do you mean the clamp doesn't hold or there is some up and down play? If it is play it is probably the rocker bushing or bearing. Take the left side cover off and move the hopping foot up and down and you will see where the play is. The bushing is an easy change and the parts should be easy to source locally. APQS updated the bushing to a bearing several years ago and you can buy a new rocker with the bearing from them. Amy says the bearing should last for many years longer than the bushing. I'm cheap so I just change the bushing every couple of years, about 2 dollars and less than thirty minutes.


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