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I'm making a t shirt quilt. I accidentally cut one shirt too short, cutting through characters on the shirt. I have tried web fusing on the back, but it still separates especially in the rollers. I also tried fabric glue on one edge, which was very difficult to use. It's really stiff glue.

If anyone has any advice for me, I'd really appreciate.

Thank you

Mary Lou

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You should be able to find it in any interfacing department. I have not bought it in a long time but I think one of the brand names was Easy Knit. It is fusible tricot. I do not know what fusible you have on currently or if it will stretch when you remove it. Most t-shirt knits are pretty stable. I think you will still need to stitch the cut down or the edges will roll.

I wish I knew more about the product Sheri described.

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Thank you ladies, I'll go to Joanns after lunch and check out the knit fusing and the fabric bond. I hadn't heard of the fabric bond either. I'm hoping I don't have to stitch the cut because it would show on some of the characters heads. I had been cutting my blocks at 16" but needed the middle row to be 20" and forgot and cut it at 16". Then saw my mistake too late.

Thanks again.

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Mary Lou:


Take a digital photo of your work of art.  Then save the image in a location on your phone or computer that you can easily find it.  Go to the "Reply to this topic" area you have been using.  Type in whatever your desire;  "Here is my work of art....enjoy."



Next to the "Post" button in black, select the "More Reply Options" button.  Below the block that contains your writing; "Here is my work of art....enjoy.", there is a Attach Files area.  Click the "Choose File" button, which will bring down a tab, select the image you saved earlier.  Then click the "Attach This File" button.  Once the file is uploaded, click the "Add Reply" button.  That is it.  Much harder explain, and takes longer to write out then it does to actually execute.


Have a wonderful day.



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