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Last Friday my daughter's best friend took her 14 year old daughter (M.E. pronounced Emmy) to the doctor for what they presumed was strep throat. The blood work came back ALM Leukemia which my daughter says is a very aggressive type. By Sunday evening this fun loving teenager had undergone a spinal tap, had a port installed and several hours of chemo. Her chemo schedule will be daily for three weeks while she must stay in the hospital, then a week off. I think there are three months of chemo scheduled at this time.

Both parents work and have two younger children.

Any prayers would be appreciated.

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Donna lots of prayers for your friend.  I have to tell you about my friends daughter Rachael.  Three years ago she was having trouble breathing so her mother took her to the ER.  They assumed it was an asthma attack.  They did a breathing treatment and that didn't help so they went for chest x-rays.  That horrible night my friend got the news that her beautiful 16 year old daughter had a mass the size of a dinner plate sitting in her chest and they were pretty sure it was cancer.  They immediately sent her to the cancer specialists and it was confirmed to be non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  They started her chemo within a day.  After 4 months of treatment we were relieved to hear that she was cancer free.  It has been a long 3 years.  She still has a mass in her chest, now the size of a baseball.  They can't remove the mass because it is sitting on the main artery to her heart and it could be life threatening.  There have been some scares along the way but she is now considered in remission.


 I tell you about Rachael because she is a very special girl.  She started fund raising almost immediately after getting the all clear.  She started a fashion show to raise money for the Melody Center in Albany NY, which is there for the pediatric cancer patients and families.  The fashion show is called Trending4fashion.  If you are on FB you can find out more here:    She has done amazing things to raise awareness.  Here is a link to an interview with her.

 She is a special girl.  The one thing I noted while her family was going through this was they always stayed positive and stuck together.  Rachael's friends visited and her mother tried as much as she could to let her be a "normal child."  I think it was all the positiveness that let them beat this disease and kept them strong.   Stay strong and lots and lots of prayers!  I will most definitely keep her in my prayers!

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I have found quilting to be so interesting and to cross so many boundaries.  It has expanded my views and interests much more than I ever could have imagined. 


I made my first quilt to honor my deceased sister, when her daughter had the first grand child.  My sister always made something for my five daughters, so I figured I could make something for her daughter/grand-daighter.  While she did not have much money, she was wealth beyond all imagination with her generosity and creativeness in knitting.  That started my whole interest in quilting and sewing.  


My third quilt was for an old family friend that was battling brain cancer.  The whole time I was piecing the quilt, I thought about the good times we as a family had experienced together and how much they meant to my parents.  I hoped that he would use the quilt to keep warm as he went to his chemo treatments.  I like to think that as many stitch that went into the quilt, equaled the prayers made for him.  I do know while cancer may taken him from us, he won the battle by hanging on for much longer than the doctors expected.  Though he was Jewish, his memorial was rather eclectic; with the rabbi opening the service, with a Baptist minister talking about his courage facing his illness, where a Muslim imam giving the eulogy, and finally the rabbi closed the service.  Looking back, he brought so many people together simply by being the person he was and being supportive of his fellow man.


Now I find myself when saying my prayers remembering so many people, Rita, Heidi's family, Judith, M.E, and the list goes on and on and on.  While we may not have ever meet in person, we are a family supporting our craft and love.  One where we offer tips and support, while at the same time being there when needed.  For this I am thankful and grateful.  I thank all of you for being such wonderful quilters and supportive of family and our art.  Take care and God Bless.  



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