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You might have a bit of fish-tail going on and adjusting your carriage wheels is a good place to start. Fishtailing is where the head slews slightly and feels like a little jump---like a car going too fast around a curve and the back end goes out of alignment with the front. If you're happy with the contact your wheels are making with the rails (you have a smooth ride and a smooth stitching line) you may want to slow down at the sharp points. Otherwise adjust your carriage wheels a bit tighter so there's no play.

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Depending on the age of your Lucey and the kind of wheel system you have, you may not be able to adjust those wheels.  Check that the block holding your handle is tight - if you have the ergonomic (movable) handles, tightening up the thumbscrews on the front of the block only tightens that block around the handle.  If the block itself is "wiggly," you may need to tighten up the allen screws that hold that block tight against the head.  If that's the case, check back here for instructions or give me a call at (509) 671-1467.

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