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$11,000 FIRM. Final Price Reduction. Moving.


PRICE REDUCED TO $12,000. 12' Aluminum Pro-Frame, Lightning Stitch Regulator, Power Feed Auto Advance, Electric Channel Locks, Crosshatch Ruler Bar, Red Snapper Leader Grips, Separate Bobbin Winder, Bobbins, Threads, Pantographs, Towa Tension Gauge and more. Purchased in Sept. 2011 for over $18,000. Excellent Condition - Gently Used. Will take down. Purchaser is responsible for pickup, transportation, reassembly and related costs. Please email with any questions or photos or if you'd like to take a test "drive". $12,500.




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Michele, I wish you could too. :) There may be some shipping logistics to figure out, but it can be shipped anywhere. If anyone is interested, let's talk and see what we can work out. However, northern Wisconsin is a beautiful place to visit...wink, wink. This is one GREAT machine, don't let shipping stop you from pursuing your passion!

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