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Now willing to sell machine separately!! Back for sale! Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri 14' Blissed, IQ'd Millennium

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2008 used Millennium. Bought new with

zippered leaders

fabric advance

14 foot frame that was recently blissed

original table frame and top available to make another shelf underneath

separate turbo winder

laser light

LED lights with black light switch

It comes with everything I got with the machine, PLUS many extras. I am not continuing to long arm so everything I have goes with it. I have many rulers, Circle Lord system with many boards, chalk marking.Thread and many bobbins, needles, oil, a printed manual. I also have the red snappers.

I bought an IQ in 2010 and it is in fine working order. It has been updated and maintained. This alone is worth $12,500.00 new. It also has hundreds of designs with it.

I am not shipping this machine,

This will be sold as one unit and not sold off separately. Plus I am not able to ship because I can't physically do it.

NOW! Willing to sell machine separately! IQ may be spoken for! 

Machine only price is $9,000.00. It has the BLISSED table with the rails from the old table to make a nice table under your machine. 


Come and get it! I am only asking $17,000.00. Located 16 miles south of York Nebraska.

Julia Martin

PM me if interested.

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I figured it out & sent you a pm

2008 used Millennium. Bought new with zippered leaders fabric advance 14 foot frame that was recently blissed original table frame and top available to make another shelf undernea

Very good deal.

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I'm sorry you have to sell your machine. Hope all is OK with you.

Thanks for your concern LeeAnn. I'm doing okay. I retired early due to extreme stress. Anyway I updated to the bliss, but I find I don't enjoy long-arming as much as I had hoped, plus too many other things needing the money. I hope you are doing well too!

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I have had a couple of nibbles, but that's all. I do feel a bit of anxiety about selling but I know it's something I need to do. I may have some tops to have quilted so I'll call on someone to do that for me in the future!

My daughter is selling her house in town here and will be going on the road in her new used rv. She wants to go have adventures and I'm supporting her in her quest! She has no children or husband and in this very tiny town all she is doing is existing. There aren't many opportunities to meet new people and I want her to be happy. This really has no bearing on me selling my machine, just something that coincides with it. lol She'll probably do this for a while and find someplace to settle down again. Being a military brat there really isn't one place that she is "from". I am from here but this town has gotten so small and isn't the same anymore. I guess you can never go home again! Ha!

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I don't know what the quilt path can do, but the IQ can put your design in a block that you can define by size (inputting the measurements), by tapping the corners directly on your quilt, and you can get the design to 'distort' into your block if your piecing isn't perfect. There are many videos on line either on you tube or intelliquilter web site. Of course you can do pantos and off set every other row by percentage or distance. One of the coolest things it does is stay current by being updated periodically! Many new features have come out since I purchased the system and I have been able to stay current by doing an update. I really encourage anyone to look at videos on intelliquilter web site for more information. There is so much information available that I can't come close to covering on a post here. Thanks for your interest in my machine. I encourage you to message me.

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