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Violent vibrations when using quilt path

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I've been quilting on a Millie with Quilt Path for about a year.  About 50% of the time I'll get a crazy vibration that will make the stitching jagged and can cause the pattern out of alignment, sometimes up to 1/4 inch.  The violent vibrations will work itself our or the thread will break.  I have also noticed that the position of the vibration will change depending on where the row is started in the safe area (closer to the top or middle). I get the vibrations more often on patterns that don't come to many points (slow down).  I also quilt on the slow setting.  


I've stitched the same patterns out on other machines with other computers without any issue.  


Is this a pattern problem or a computer problem?  


Any help is much appreciated!!!



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When I had a Quilt Path, my system also did this. I found out that some lint, dust, or something else worked its way onto the belt and was getting in the way of the head moving smoothly. I would use some canned air to clean all the belts and connections and this seemed to help. I then tried to remember to blow the belts clean before each new row and this did seem to eliminate most of this problem.

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HI Debs,

Try putting something under each foot of the leg of the machine as a buffer.  The idea is we are taking any residual vibration that might be in the machine itself and dissipating it through the table frame.  So if you are on concrete the vibration will reverberate right back at you.  Either a piece of foam rubber or a carpet remnant under the 4 corners of the legs with buffer that vibration.  :)

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