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Help - Set screw doesn't catch hold in needle bar

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does anyone have suggestions?  I've always had trouble with the set screw not threading sufficiently in the needle bar so the needle isn't held tight.  And now it doesn't work at all. I've fiddled with everything, tried multiple set screws, and different needles, but there aren't any screw threads catching in the needle bar.


Does the needle bar set screw hole need to be retapped?  Is it possible to do this?  My DH has access to full machine shop, so I suppose I need to understand how to remove the needle bar.

Is there something else I should try first?

Thanks for ideas!


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You do not need to remove the needle bar.  Just get a #4-40 screw from the hardware store.   The screw it into the hole opposite of the hole you are presently using.  Screw it the bolt al the way through to the other side.  This will clean up the threads on the side you have been using.  Then you need to replace the needle bar screw you have been using.  More than likely its threads are buggered up, and that is your problem.  You can get the screw at the local hardware store, but you have to cut it down on its length or it will hit your ruler as it will extend out beyond the hopping foot.


Here is a discussion of same issue from a few weeks ago;  http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/39837-needle-screw/?hl=%2Bneedle+%2Bscrew+%2Bsize


Good luck fixing your problem.



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Cagey, thanks so much, I'm back in action!  I screwed the set screw all the way through to the other side, then used a brand new screw sanded down a bit to remove stub irregularities, and finally was able to get enough bite to secure the needle.  The original needle bar set screw threads were smooshed, which has happened on a number of screws, so I'll see if situation improves with the now rethreaded needle bar threads.  Thanks for link to the forum discussion, I'll go back and review.


Nigel, good to know about rotation.


Thanks all!



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Colette:  I think you can avoid a similar situation in the future by switching from a slotted screw with a head, to an Allan screw.  Ray at Quilt Tech has them on his website.  Much easier to use.  You can even leave the Allen wrench in the screw after you remove the old needle and then tighten it for the new one (obviously you take it out before you start sewing again).  No more fumbling to find the slot, or buggering the screw head.  No need to ever remove the screw completely.   Definitely an improvement.  Jim  

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