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What to think about in deciding between machines?

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Something else to think about is the configuration of the handles.  The upright handles on the Lenni won't change position if you want to hold your hands/shoulders in a different position.  The curved handles of the Millie will adjust up and down easily and they give a nice few inches of space on the quilt field when you need to finish the design on the farther points.  I have a Lucey that I am getting used to.  I like the curved handles.  I'm just 5'0".    When you check out the APQS see what the options are for the handles that you are interested in.

The new Lennis have the adjustable handles. I was shocked to see it but they do. I have a Freedom and a Lenni, and the only thing my Freedom has that I miss on the Lenni is the automatic fabric advance and quilt glide.

The channel lock issue is easily dealt with using binder clips.

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Lucey is here!  I have had it for about a week and have had a great time.  A quilting friend came over and we were able to get it installed.  It took us several hours since we are both new at this.  I have had a great time learning and playing.  I have so much to learn!!  I tried to post a picture but I can't figure it out.  LOVED the red bow she was wearing when delivered.


edited: Thanks dbams.  Here is a picture.  Love her!!


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Hi Green, you really should test drive the machines if possible.  Ask around, see if anyone near you has APQS machines,  check the dealer site here too.   Just about any APQS owner would love to show you their beloved machines (give you great pointers too).  Don't be afraid to talk to a dealer, APQS dealers are APQS quilters who won't "hard sell" you.  The dealers will do demos and let you decide when to connect with them.  I'm only 5FT tall and I have no problems with the Millie, mine is a 2009 model.  Have fun shopping, don't forget to check out Lucy and Larry!

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On 3/21/2016 at 7:28 AM, Joey said:

In Sept I bought a used 2005 Mille from Dave Jones with compuquilter.  I have had no issues and have completed about 15 quilts of mine.

He sells lots of used machines on forum, check to see if he has any used machine with computer..


His number- Call text 24/7 268-767-279

I have a millennium with a compuquilter the millie works great but I have never been able to get the computer part working.  I shipped it to the David Jones and he shipped it back but there is some little thing I am not doing tight.  I followed all the instructions over and over again and when I am ready to quilt  it just says needle is up.   it does not matter if the needle is up or down that is the message I get.  Please help! Joanne

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PKS:  If you look, you'll see that the conversation about the Lucey is almost 5 years old.  If you want comments about Lucey models, you'll probably be better served by starting a new thread, and asking you questions directly.  If you're new to long arm and looking to buy your first machine, I'd offer that you can't do much better than any APQS model.  If you're an old hand, and want specifics comparing one APQS model to another, ask that question.  Good luck.  Jim

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